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Beauty of the Lord

"Capturing The Beauty Of The Lord Through Photography"

An Invitation To Accept Christ  A Letter From Heaven  A Letter From Hell  Hugs

What Happens The Moment After You Die?  Teen to Teen  Will We Know One Another In Heaven?

Nature Photographs  Our Relationships In Heaven  How To Lead Your Family to Christ  Heaven - Our Eternal Home

Resources by Billy Graham  Resources for Your Spiritual Growth  Free Literature  A Love Letter From Jesus

  The Furnace of Suffering In This Life  What Do the Scriptures Say About Hell?  Your First Days in Hell

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This ministry was started as a vehicle

to help support the Fellowship Tract League,

which distributes tracts around the world,

sharing the gospel with others

to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ,

especially those who feel they have fallen

too far from God's grace to be saved.

We see each visitor as a potential soul that we can reach,

and God has done abundantly above all

that we could have imagined

in saving those who have been presented the gospel.

We would appreciate your prayers

in asking God's blessing on this ministry,

and to prepare the hearts of those who will visit our site,

so that their lives will be changed, bringing them closer to Christ.


Feel free to download or print any photograph

in our gallery for your personal use, or order our Free Literature

or to add our link onto your website.


Thank you for your support!